St. Iakinfos Saints Aquila and Priscilla

Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Christodoulos, in an attempt to attract the attention of young people to the Orthodox faith, offered in love to celebrate Valentine's Day on 13 February when the Orthodox Church commemorates the first Christians Saints Aquila and Priscilla. After the expulsion of Jews from Rome on the orders of Emperor Claudius, the couple settled in Corinth (1st century AD). Here they met with Apostle Paul, who mentions them in his three epistles. Moreover, Aquila and Priscilla accompanied the apostle in Ephesus.

According to legend, Aquila Heraclius became Bishop and died together with his wife as a martyr in the name of Christ. According to another version the couple died a natural death, preserving until death love for each other. That is why Archbishop Christodoulos offered to celebrate Valentine's Day on the feast day of the loving couple, in memory of their eternal love.

Modern Greek use five words for love:

  1. Agape is unconditional, true love;
  2. Erotas is sensual love, lust;
  3. Pathos is love passion and a strong sense prevails over logic;
  4. Philia is friendly love;
  5. Storge is gentle parental love.


Orthodox saint who protects love is a martyr Iakinfos Aghios (Saint Hyacinthe). The day of memory of is celebrated on 3 July. Agios Iakinfos died for their faith in Christ at the age of 20 years in the era of Emperor Trajan (98 AD) government. As you know, he was a butler at the imperial court. Saint patron of lovers Agios Iakinfosa Day is celebrated annually on July 3 south of Anogion in the mountainous region Fourn.

The first temple dedicated to him was built in Anogia, Crete, on one of the slopes of Mount Psiloreti. The Cretans say that the temple is hidden from your eyes, because feelings are hidden in the depths of the human soul.

Famous Greek singer Lyudovikos tone Anogion (Louis from Anogia) together with other cultural figures who supported his initiative, have made with the blessing of Metropolitan Refimnosa Anfimosa celebrating Iakinfa along with the celebration of Agios Iakinfosa Day , so celebrations lasts for three days.