Greek Honeymoon

You can spend the sweetest weeks together in Greece, enjoying a honeymoon and completely surrendering to the pursuits and hobbies that are close to both of you. Every corner of this wonderful country is filled with the light of faith. Ancient temples and churches are a perfect place for honeymooners.

After the ceremony you’ll receive both marriage and wedding certificates. Many modern newlyweds prefer to get married right on the beach surrounded by pristine nature, in the majestic halls of the ancient fortress or on the summer terrace with stunning views of the sea. Therefore, when deciding where to go on their honeymoon in Greece, look at the beautiful islands.

Romantic honeymoon tours of Santorini are famous for black-sand beach, crimson sunsets over the endless water surface and amazing pools on the edge of a cliff. This is the place where the lovely ladies will unconsciously look for the hand of their reliable defender. A wedding ceremony is conducted in one of the 330 temples and will remember for a lifetime! Arches of the church of Panagia Episkopi and St. Mark's, the majestic temples of the Ascension and St. Irene are waiting for you.

Green Rhodes attracts with its charming and fabulous views. The old town with old castle, Gothic churches and medieval buildings are great places for a romantic stroll and wedding ceremony. Azure sea and archaeological sites will look beautiful in your photos.

Beautiful Skiathos is considered to be a paradise created for love. The modest island with a beautiful beach and the chapel of St. Flora are frequent witnesses of the marriage ceremonies and patrons of newlyweds spending their honeymoon here.

Amazing Milos is attractive for lovers of unusual celebrities, even on a honeymoon. You’ll find a delightful beach safari, the unique lunar landscape and the breathtaking black beaches here. Be sure to take honeymoon photos next to the cliffs and the sea. Romance will be unforgettable!

Glam Mykonos is the center of youth parties and various events. Young and active couples who love fun, fiery dances and recreation in a big way spend their honeymoon here. You can make very beautiful photos of your honeymoon trip in the hotel and on the beautiful streets.

So, if you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon in Greece, we recommend Santorini and other Greek islands. Beautiful and warm sea, bright sun and pretty pictures will be the most wonderful impressions of your vacation.